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If you'd like to purchase, order online, or see our sell sheet below and send us an email with your order request:

From our organically grown fruit

-Apple butter (8oz $12)
-Italian prune plum jam (8oz $12)
-Pear jam (8oz $12)
-Red elephant heart plum jam (8oz $12)

Refined Sugar Free Fruit Jams

Stoneground and Sprouted Nut Butters

-Glyphosate certified free sprouted almond butter (8oz $16)
-Sprouted hazelnut butter (8oz $15 and 16oz $28)

-Chocolate sprouted hazelnut butter (8oz $16 and 16oz $30)

-Sprouted walnut butter (8oz $15 and 16oz $28)
-Sprouted watermelon seed
butter (8oz $20)

-Pumpkin seed butter (16oz, $20)

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

2023 sale sheet w expirations.jpg


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